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    2024/??/??, 1.6.1 ('???') :
    - fpsync: check for common commands/tools presence
      (discussed in GH issue #47)
    - fpsync: add support for pax copy tool (option -m)
      Note for packagers: adds a new dependency to pax(1)
      On FreeBSD, depends on the following fix:

Current: 1.6.0

    2024/01/21, 1.6.0 ('College years') :
    - fpsync: fix run resuming caused by empty OPT_TOOL_PATH in info file
      (GH PR #44)
    - fpart: add option -P (add parent directories when closing intermediate
      partitions). Useful for fixing directory dates when parallelizing cpio(1)
      or tar(1) jobs
    - fpsync: enable fpart's option -P for 'cpio' and 'tar' tools. This finally
      enables keeping directory modification times intact when parallelizing
      cpio(1) and tar(1) jobs!
    - fpart: fix 2 errors detected by Coverity Scan, see:
    - fpart: provide long options (for the most important ones)
    - fpsync: fix off-by-n error when calculating ETA in SIGINFO handler
      (fixes GH issue #48)
    - fpsync: show transmitted files count / data size in final status
      and SIGINFO handler (fixes GH issue #24)
    - fpart: final summary now shows total number of parts created, as well as
      total number of files packed and total resulting size
    - fpart: add new hook variables: FPART_TOTALSIZE, FPART_TOTALNUMFILES and
    - fpart: add post-run hook (option -R), triggered just before program exits
    - fpsync: Limit useless log generation by removing empty log files
    - fpsync: Facilitate tar tool change on Solaris-based OS


    2022/06/22, 1.5.1 ('Feel the light') :
    - fpsync: add source, destination and total elapsed time to the email
      report (GH PR #41)
    - fpsync: add option -T to specify absolute path of copy tool (GH PR #42)
    - fpsync: output cleanups


    2022/06/02, 1.5.0 ('Rebirth') :
    - added '' script to automate release tarball creation
    - embedded fts: check errors from readdir() (GH issue #37)
    - fpart: re-enable large files support on GNU/Linux
      (fixes Debian bug #834328)
    - fpart: start numbering partitions from '1' instead of '0'.
      Special partition '0' is now exclusively reserved for files that do not
      fit in regular partitions when option '-s' *and* non-live mode are used.
      Note for 3rd-party tools: that change may impact you!
      (partly fixes GH issue #36)
    - fpart: avoid returning an additional -empty- partition '1' when only
      special partition '0' has been used
    - fpart: avoid returning special partition '0' when it is empty
      (partly fixes GH issue #36)
    - fpart: add option -S to skip, in live mode, files that are bigger than
      maximum partition size (see man page for more details, fixes GH issue #36)
    - fpart: add FPART_PARTERRNO hook variable that contains 0 if every single
      partition's entry has been fts_read() without error, else last erroneous
      entry's errno (GH issue #37)
    - fpart: add option -Z, used to isolate a failing directory alone within a
      partition (GH issue #37)
    - fpart: change display format when listing files to stdout:
        "partition_index (file_size): file_path"
      (GH issue #38)
    - fpsync: add more checks for incompatible rsync options
    - fpsync: force non-recursive rsync(1) in file-based mode
    - fpsync: add aggressive mode option (-EE) to enable recursive
      synchronization for erroneous directories (GH issue #37)
    - fpsync: start all idle workers before refresh (GH PR #40)
    - fpsync: rework child processes and SIGINT handling and fix missing display
      of last jobs' completion status (inspired by GH PR #40)


    2021/09/24, 1.4.0 ('Joining together') :
    - fpsync: allow special characters and white spaces within fpart options
      Allows something like: fpsync ... -O "-y|foo bar|-y|*.txt" /src/ /dst/
      (fixes GH issue #33)
    - fpsync: fix useless double call to sudo(1) in cpio(1) jobs
    - fpsync: add support for 'tar' and 'tarify' tools


    2021/05/08, 1.3.0 ('Cleaning room') :
    - fpart: align get_size() and init_file_entries() behaviour and take
      exclusions into account when computing a directory size.
    - fpart: fix directory size computation when using options -y/-Y.
      Before that change, -D and -E would have returned a size of 0 for a
      directory included through options -y/-Y.
    - fpart: fix detection of an unknown option
    - fpart: various fixes on Darwin
    - fpsync: mask broken pipe errors when dequeueing jobs (fixes GH issue #22)
    - fpsync: fix bug where a job could remain resumable forever under certain
    - fpsync: fix detection of fpart exiting with errors
    - fpsync: add prepare run option (-p)
    - fpsync: add list runs options (-l)
    - fpsync: add replay run option (-R)
    - fpsync: add archive run option (-a)
      Note for packagers: adds a new dependency to tar(1)
    - fpsync: add delete run option (-D)
    - fpsync: rework help and man page for clarification
    - fpsync: add check for incompatible rsync option (--delete)
    - fpsync: add send mail option (-M)
      Note for packagers: adds a new dependency to mail(1)


    2020/01/10, 1.2.0 ('Joking') :
    - fpsync: ability to set an unlimited number of files or an unlimited size
      per sync job (fixes GH issue #9)
    - fpart: exclude files earlier (fixes GH issue #14)
      Before that change, excluded files would not make a directory empty and
      still account for its size; excluded files are now considered absent.
      That change does not apply when a directory size is computed after
      a certain depth (option -d) has been reached (in that case, once the
      maximum depth has been reached, every single file accounts for a directory
    - fpart: allow to specify paths with options '-y', '-Y', '-x' and '-X'
      (fixes GH issue #17)
    - fpart: raise limits for different internal types: the size of a file or
      partition, the number of files inside a partition and the number of
      partitions. That will make fpart(1) ready to handle bigger filesystems.
    - fpart: accept human-friendly size formats for options -s, -p, -q and -r
    - fpsync: accept human-friendly size formats for option -s
    - fpsync: use 'command' instead of 'which' to find binaries
      (fixes GH issue #20)


    2018/11/15, 1.1.0 ('Reading') :
    - fpart: options -D and -E now pack files if they are explicitly passed as
    - fpsync: simplify and fix detection of remote URLs (fixes GH issue #2)
    - fpsync: implement simple ETA when displaying status
    - fts.h: portability fix for Solaris 10 and earlier (GH PR #4)
    - fpart: fix build on Alpine Linux (GH PR #5)
    - fpsync: add timestamps and part numbers to logs
    - fpsync: add support for cpio copy tool (option -m)
    - fpart: option -Z becomes option -zz (incremental -z)
    - fpart: add option -zzz to add all directories to file lists (as empty)
    - other: lower required autoconf version to 2.63 (GH issue #7)
    - other: update RPM .spec file for CentOS and Feroda (GH issue #7)


    2017/11/10, 1.0.0 ('Dancing'):
    - fpart: update embedded fts(3) using FreeBSD 12-CURRENT's version
    - fpart: add option -E to pack directories instead of files
    - fpsync: add option -E to work with directories (enables rsync(1)'s --delete)
      That option finally enables fpsync(1) to parallelize the so-called final
      rsync(1) pass, needed to remove extra files with the --delete option!
      (of course it can also be used on a regular basis instead of the usual
      'file' mode: you will get a perfect mirror without needing any extra
      --delete pass)
    - fpart: add option -0 to end filenames with a null (\0) character when
      using option -o
    - fpsync: use fpart's new option -0 in conjunction with rsync's --from0 option
      to avoid failing on filenames with special characters
    - fpsync: improve documentation


    2017/04/27, 0.9.3 ('Funny words'):
    - fpsync: add support for rsync URL as target
      Suggested and tested by Harry Mangalam. Thanks, Harry!


    2015/02/19, 0.9.2 ('What's that?'):
    - fpsync: add option '-S' to use sudo(1) for filesystem crawling and synchronizations
    - fpsync: add option '-O' to override default fpart(1) options
    - add RPM .spec file (see the contribs/package/rpm directory)


    2015/02/06, 0.9.1 ('Let's play together'):
    - add tools/fpsync: a tool to sync directories in parallel using fpart and
      rsync. See fpsync(1) for more details.
    - fpart: print the number of files found in verbose mode only


    2013/11/13, 0.9-1:
    (this minor change only impacts tarball users, fpart code itself has not
    - Backport the following patch to config.guess:;a=commitdiff;h=29900d3bff1ce445087ece5cb2cac425df1c2f74
      it adds support for ppcle and ppc64le architectures.
    Submitted by: Madhu Pavan <>


    2013/09/10, 0.9 ('I bite!'):
    - Code cleanup
    - Fix Debian bug #719338 (fix build on 32bit architectures)


    2013/06/25, 0.8 ('Moving around'):
    - Keep environ(7) when forking hooks
    - Add sections about live mode and data migration in README
    - Use autotools and get rid of manual Makefiles


    2013/02/18, 0.7 ('Can I take it ?'):
    - Added option -D to group leaf directories as single file entries
    - Big options and doc update/cleanup
    - Sync'd fts(3) code with current FreeBSD version (svn rev 245505)
    - Embedded fts(3) can now be used on GNU/Linux
    - Renamed option '-x' to '-b'
    - Added options '-y', '-Y', '-x' and '-X' to include or exclude files


    2013/01/21, 0.6 ('Very funny'):
    - Options handling cleanup and various bugfixes
    - Added FPART_PID and FPART_HOOKTYPE hook variables
    - Added -z and -Z options to display empty directories


    2013/01/09, 0.5 ('Cassounette'):
    - Added option '-L' (live mode)
    - Added options '-w' and '-W' (hooks to be used with live mode)
    - Fixed build on Solaris 9
    - Removed option '-m' and associated code


    2012/06/12, 0.4:
    - Now builds on Solaris (using FreeBSD's fts(3))
    - Fix stack overflow when allocating file entry pointers' array
    - Added preloading/rounding options -p, -q and -r. See fpart(1)
    - Added more verbose messages (option '-v')
    - Better error handling when unable to add file entries (mostly when
      running out of memory)
    - Verbose mode now accepts several levels
    - Added option '-m' (disabled by default), that tries to lower physical
      memory usage (at least during FS crawling) by using temporary file(s)
      and mmap(2) facility


    2011/12/06, 0.3:
    - Switch to fts(3)
    - Replaced getline(3) calls with fgets(3) for compatibility
    - New "handle arbitrary values" (-a) option
    - Strings handling cleanup (stop using FILENAME_MAX)
    - Various smaller changes


    2011/11/24, 0.2:
    - New "follow symbolic links" (-l) option
    - Ending slash (if present in input path) is now left to allow following an
      initial symbolic link (without using option -l)
    - New "do not cross file system boundaries" (-x) option
    - Fpart now reads on stdin by default if no path is given
    - File size are now written to stdout when displaying partition contents
    - Various smaller changes


    2011/11/18, 0.1:
    - Initial version